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Defined as the frame of our face, the eyebrows play a very special role in our face, even more if they are well defined we can take much advantage when it comes to deepen the look and be more sensual. Today we explain an innovative treatment to achieve more volume in them: microblanding. If you are one of the women who have little hair in the eyebrows and you use different methods to make them defined and populated, you should know that there is a new technique called Microblading or micropigmentation hair by hair. The Microblading is an excellent alternative to perfect the frame of the look, which leaves us a perfect design through permanent makeup. It is a novel technique, very simple, quick healing and, best of all, with very natural results.


There are several consequences of why there are people with sparse eyebrows, for example, due to hair loss or alopecia in the area, there are also factors such as age, incorrect hair removal in adolescence, skin lesions and clearly hereditary factors . Before and in the same way nowadays they are used to obtain marked eyebrows, makeup or pencil, which is not a very aesthetic and safe way to wear. The good news is that there are already techniques such as micropigmentation, permanent makeup and hair transplant, although they are very good alternatives are also considered a bit more invasive treatments. In light of these avant-garde techniques, the Microblading is added, a less invasive system that guarantees very natural results. Microblading is now an ideal option for those with sparse eyebrows or simply those who, in addition to having them populated, wish to perfect them by redesigning or painting them.